7 Reasons Why You Should Travel

It has been quite a while since I have posted anything substantial to keep my blog running. We all know we are stuck in the 9-5s (JOBS) of our lives, and seeking time to travel or update the blog takes time and patience. I am finding it quite hard to cope with the same. Yet, today turned out to be different than the usual weekends I live. So, I was so bored that only a little shine of wanderlust would sum up the good side of my day.

Well, here’s what I ended up with.

I thought, probably counting on my reasons as to why I love to travel or am obsessed with Travel, is a good thing to think of (Because I miss travelling). The last time I travelled to a place to travel and tour and explore the location was my dad’s hometown (my native place) – INDORE, Madhya Pradesh.

Anyway, my travel reasons differ from how you think it would be, but here they are!

#1. Travelling offers me a reason to live a little more. To explore the undiscovered, the know the unknown. To understand the very reason for the origin of the place I am at.

#2 Travelling gives me a reason to smile back at my life. Because every day I wake up, my list of wanderlust cheers me up, tells me – GO GIRL, Earn that money, Save some $$$ and live the rest of your life travelling.

#3 Travelling gives me strength. It helps me to understand myself as a person; It helps me know the real me. It lets me go through situations I would have never thought of being in, in the first place and let me tackle them my way successfully.

#4 Travelling is like meditation to me. It helps me gain mental stability. It helps me acquire inner peace.

#5 Travelling has been the only element I counted as a profession, as my way of living. Because every day, I wish to and want to wake up on a new island, sipping some coconut water and experiencing the serene, picturesque landscaping around me.

Though these reasons seem ambiguous, they are redundant to me. And trust me, when I hear the world GLOBE, TRAVEL, TROTTING, TRIPPING, TRAVELLING – The “T” Tingles inside me. It makes me feel I belong here and probably have a purpose in life.

I thought this feeling and my love for travelling to a new place, city, state or country might fade away, but instead, I fell more for it every time I thought of it. Apart from the reason mentioned above that sum up my obsession for Travelling, the real deal is the last two icebreakers

#6 Ever since I started pursuing Journalism, I knew that Travel was meant for me. Travel Journalism gives me strength. Breaking the stereotype of being a “GIRL TRAVEL JOURNALIST” was to be broken and ripped off.

#7 Travel Shows invited an alluring lust to my eyes, tickled my thought process and asked me to join the enthusiasm. As if the show spoke to me, said, “HEY GIRL, WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU TO JOIN US.”

So, Here I am. Waiting for my calling and working towards my travel goals, adding up every $$$ to save a little extra for my so-called travel plans. No, I am not the kind who can hitchhike or be a mainstream Backpacker. I am more of the kind who plans off their stuff before having to leave behind my shenanigans to travel RTW.

Reason #8 for being obsessed with Travelling. And I’m pretty sure one day I’d proudly say, “Yea, I have travelled to 100+ Countries, explored all the 7 continents, and now am on my voyage to exploring the waters across the globe!

Blessed be all my wander-pals worldwide! And thanks to all you lovely people for supporting my blog here (Put an emotionally clichéd caption here)

Also, Comment below your reasons for traveling. What gives you your purpose in living life travelling? Why do you think Travelling is your obsession?

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