Top 5 Stag Party Locations in The World

Stag parties are crucial for every man, especially when they want to get married. Popularly known as bachelor parties, stag do’s or bull parties, stag parties have been around since time immemorial. People have them from generation to generation and the culture seems not to be going away any time soon. In fact, strong indications show that everyone dreams of the night, at least those who want to get married.

Most men want their stag parties in locations which show them it’s their last time as bachelors. Stripper clubs, bars, restaurants, clubs and many others are common locations in the world. The best part of the stag party for most people is the naughtiness. The following are some of the world’s best stag party cities.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is described as one of the stag party hot sports of the new world. As the popular saying goes, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”; the city is the stag capital. Vegas has everything one can love for a bachelor party. The city has booze, women and a crazy nightlife. Besides, with the standard stag party routine in Vegas being strippers, alcohol and a rowdy crowd of ‘bad boys’, chances are, the city is one of the best stag party spots around.


London is a famous stag party spot in the United Kingdom. London stag parties are generally structured in such a way that a day bachelor event precedes an evening, out-of-town event with the boys. The city also has an active nightlife you will love and hence one of the best stag spots around. In general, London has a rich mix of night venues where stag parties are organised and hence, one of the best stag party spots around.


Of all the famous stag party spots around, Bangkok, Thailand, elicits a lot of mischief among nearly wed bachelors and their cronies. The Thai capital is known for its rich nightlife and active strippers. The city also has a rich mix of local experts who can create the perfect stag party for any bachelor. Overall, at a fraction of what you would spend in London or Vegas, Bangkok is the perfect economy and active stag party capital of the new world.


This quiet city tucked in the heart of Europe is also an amazing stag party spot for nearly married men because it has all you can ask for in a stag spot. The attractions in Budapest are vast and vary from local pubs and nightclubs to delicious food and restaurants. The essence of Budapest stag parties is enshrined in the great city’s culture.

Niagara Falls

This is another great stag party spot in the heart of Canada. Often, this city dabbles in place of Vancouver, which is another popular stag party spot. The fantastic scenery and the bubbly nightlife are some of the core attractions of the city.

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