Dominica Island, more of a discovery than a vacation

Dominica isn’t your typical Caribbean holiday destination. Nested between Guadeloupe and Martinique, the island will make you wonder why it remained off the radar for so long. Dominica isn’t called the Nature Island for some reason. Discover the singularity of this untold treasure and gear up for your trip there!

An island rich in culture and heritage

Dominica – often confused with Dominican Republic, has been discovered by Columbus back in 1493. But the first inhabitants of the island arrived there from South America around 3100 B.C. The Kalinago are the people known to have settled in Dominica when the Europeans found the island. From the 1600s, they faced the Spanish, the British and the French in a battle to claim the island. Dominica has therefore been influenced by different cultures. You could see that from diversity of the architecture. There are modern houses inspired from the different colonial eras but also tribal designed outbuildings. Exposure to diversity has also given birth to many celebrations and you could even plan a cultural holiday in Dominica nowadays. Other than the heritage, Dominica island has a lot to offer and your trip will always seem so short. You wouldn’t want to miss any second of your stay!

Everything in sight is a must-see in the Nature Island

When Queen Isabella of Spain asked Colombus about his trip in Dominica, he was lost for words. The 26-mile-long island offers a jaw-dropping natural backdrop that hasn’t changed over 500 years. Mile after mile, the Nature Island shows off an unrivalled beauty: rainforest, dramatic peaks, waterfalls… Despite being small, it is a host to 3 national parks and has over 40 miles of hiking trails through the rainforest. Dominica has also pretty shorelines with beachfront restaurants if you’d rather enjoy the sunny weather. But seeing the marine riches thank to the pristine water, especially on the west coast, you wouldn’t resist a little diving session to the underwater wonder world! Beach bums, nature lovers, cultural tourists and explorers, Dominica has everything for you and will certainly feed your soul. No matter how many times you go there, you’ll find yourself fall in love over again.

Preparing your trip in Dominica

Since there is no time to waste upon your arrival in Dominica until you are on your flight back, you need to plan your trip thoroughly. To get there, you’ll have to take a flight to Guadeloupe or Puerto Rico to have a cheaper connection. You can also ferry out there from St. Lucia. To enter the territory, you need a valid passport, a visa if you are staying over 21 days, a return ticket and the address of where you’ll be staying. You will therefore have to book a room in a hostel or find a vacation rental beforehand. For going around, Dominica has a reliable public transportation, but you can always rent a car or take a cab. Another thing you should is the $22 departure tax. You must have it ready ahead because there is no ATM at the airport.

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