5 Tips to Travel Smartly

The first thing to traveling or touring a destination is knowing about it in a brief and detailed manner. So, what do we have in store here? I intend to tell you how I usually plan on my travel and tour itinerary. And also, how you should plan your travels firmly well!

There are 5 ways to plan your travels.

Picking a Destination

The very first section of the entire itinerary is the destination itself. Once I have decided on the place I wish to visit – I look out for online sources, travelogues, books in the library and tourist attractions in the place. I sometimes join in some forums that guide me through the pros and cons of the area and how is one expected to be (Dressing, language) at that particular destination.

Flight + Hotel Deals

Once I know the destination – I look out for affordable travel plans and hotel accommodations. Look out for such deals as they help you to save a lot if you are on a budget. Also, make sure you haven’t committed to being at some other place at the same time to avoid last minute cancellations and plans. (don’t let your efforts go in vain, by any chance)

Separating locations

Now that I have decided on the number of days I shall be spending at the place – I make a list of attractions, sightseeing, shopping markets and other such necessary details that I wish to visit. Here’s the deal > I then work on separating the most sought after locations from the Its-okay-to-not-visit locations. In this way, I have a bunch of destinations to rope in and my budget stays intact. Having to try multiple locations and then regretting to not visit the most popular destination is certainly not the kind of disappointment I would want to live with. Would you?

Mapping tourist attractions – already chosen

Here’s where I intend to seek knowledge and ask experts or locals from the area I know about the destination through online forums (AGAIN). I preferably consider live forums, Facebook groups, Personal chats and Tourist site of the destinations to seek help with the information I need to know about my travel destination. I simply look out for natural monuments, historical attractions, natural flora and fauna and my personal favorite (ADVENTURE AND SPORTS).

Visiting the place

Voila! When I know I am done with the four essentials – I simply try keeping up the excitement for the dates to arrive and all I need to do is visit the place! AS SIMPLE AS THAT!

Now, that you know how I plan my trips – why don’t you go ahead and plan your travels. Below is a quick revision to how I get my plans time-effective and the 5 planning essentials. Once you have planned your itinerary why not spare some time to know how to be a pro at packing.

You should try my 5 tips to travel smartly:

  1. Deciding your destination
  2. Scheduling Dates and Days for the entire travel
  3. Separating the Must-Visit from the Should-Be-Visited Places:
  4. Researching a little more about the places that I have chosen to visit
  5. Visiting the place.

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