How To Pack For Holiday

One of the things that takes most people the longest to do when preparing to go on holiday is packing and planning for what to pack. If you have a problem with this, here are some tips to help you get more organized and save your space for more important things, like shopping when going on holiday.

The first thing you need to consider is the type of trip you’re going on. You’re not going to want to pack the same things for a skiing trip as you are for a beach holiday, but even packing for holidays in Deya, Majorca, could be different from packing for Egypt.

Of course, you’ll have to think about the weather: will you need to take a light jacket or just a T-shirt? But you must consider the region’s culture; in some places, it is customary for women to keep their shoulders covered, so make sure to take some sort of cover-up if you’re visiting one of these.

Once you’ve got that sorted, make a list. When it’s all written down, you should realize that taking five pairs of shoes isn’t necessary if you’ll be spending all your time barefoot on a beach.

It’ll also help you to spot any small items you’ve forgotten, such as your toothbrush or sun tan lotion. If you’re trying to save on space, however, you might like to consider leaving the big bottles of shampoo and body wash behind and buying them when you arrive. This might be a little more costly but can leave room for things that are more important. Make sure you remember any medicines or prescriptions, though it might not be possible for you to get hold of them at your destination.

Travel companies can also offer you trips that are more active than just lazing around on the beach. If you’ve gone ahead and booked an activity holiday, such as skiing or hiking, you’ll probably be dealing with packing items that are more difficult than usual.

The first thing you’ll need to do is find out the weight limit on your luggage from the airline you’re traveling with. Most airlines allow around 20kg, but some can offer up to 30kg, or you can buy extra kilos.

If you think that the items you need are going to exceed the weight limit, it’s best to find out in advance so that you won’t be given a hefty additional charge as a surprise when you arrive at the airport. You could get around this by carrying heavier items in your carry-on item, although be aware that this also has weight and size limits, or buying a lightweight suitcase.

If you manage to fit bigger items, such as hiking boots, into your luggage, try to arrange them first in the bottom of the suitcase so that you’ll be able to fit smaller, more flexible items in and around them.

And if all else fails, wear as much as you can through the airport and on the plane!

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