How to Pack Smart for Travel

Holidays are just another word for a longing to be away from the regular routine; so why not make complete use of it with these simple useful tips. It turns out difficult for a sole traveller to decide on what to carry – and what not. This guide to packing smart will definitely help you in the long run and you would then be called a sane-tripper.

Follow these simple tips to travel smart no matter what the place is:

  1. Know that Health comes first : Make sure you carry all your necessary medications that you use on the regular. Your First-aid kit should include a pair of scissor, band-aids, medical gauges, anti-septic creams, pain killers(if needed), and all such essentials
  2. Keep it simple : Carrying a hoard of luggage will only make you tired and also smell stupid around others. Try carrying a pair of jeans, trousers, shorts and a number of tees or t-shirts that you can work with. The colour for travel is light and bright. Make sure you don’t carry heavy clothes that are thick and make you feel sweaty and uncomfortable. Loose outfits are chic this season. Carry an extra pair of inners. Don’t forget a rainwear; you never know how the weather is treating the location.
  3. Be a smart foodie : Carry water always. Dry snacks are the best snacks for travel. Don’t work with oily food items while at travel. Say no to Junk; Keep it simple, healthy and tummy-filling. Aerated Drinks are a NO-NO; instead carry real fruit juices; this will keep you hydrated and energized at all times.
  4. Your Shoe-wear defines you : Picking the right travel shoes is the most important and a difficult task while one decides to travel. For girls, wearing a pair of heels on a voyage will only make you look stupid. Style your clothing with sports shoes, sneakers, loafers; this will not only keep your feet comfortable but also push in an extra style quotient in your dressing. For guys, wearing slippers is silly and trust me it will never help you; you also need to follow the same rule as for girls; wear shoes.
  5. Know your Expenses: Handling your expenses while travelling is a task at times. Make sure you know the bills of the places that you are about to visit to stabilize your finance. This will keep your pockets smart and healthy and you will eventually end up saving on your budget.
  6. Where do you stuff your stuff : It is a common sense to understand that backpacks are the best bags for travel. Carrying a dozen of hand bags and trolleys are a sure presence of fool in you. There are a number of backpack sizes available ranging from 45L – 100L.  Even a 10 day tour can be managed with ease in a single travel backpack.


Get yourself the best of both worlds… Follow these simple travel tips and work your way out. Be a smart tripper. Don’t forget to comment on the post if you find this article useful. Happy Holidays!

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