Top Three Reasons Why You Should Visit the Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman

Located in western Caribbean waters, lies the British Overseas Territory of Cayman Islands. These islands are comprised of: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. Even though all of the beaches on these islands are beautiful, there is none like the Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman.

Here are all the reasons why you the Seven Mile Beach should be your top destination when you plan your trip to the Cayman Islands:

Luxury Resorts and Hotels

With it’s breathtaking, sandy beaches, the Seven Mile Beach is reputed to be the Caribbean’s Best beach by a numerous amount of sources. It is also the most popular and the most developed area of the island of Grand Cayman. For this reason, it is home to an array of luxurious resorts and hotels, attracting many tourists, year round.

Along with these hotels and resorts, there are also restaurants and beach bars that are open to the public. These restaurants are owned by different people of many different cultures, offering menus from all over the world, depending on what you desire.

Activities and Tours

Because it is one of the top visited beaches on the Cayman Islands, there many activities and tours that the Seven Mile Beach has to offer. Regardless of who you are on vacation with, there is surely an activity meant just for you.

You can pick whether you want to tour the town of Grand Cayman or the beautiful turquoise beaches. If you choose to tour the towns, there will be tour guides available that will walk with you through the small town and explain the history of Grand Cayman and everything interesting that there is to know about it.

You can also choose to tour the breath-taking waters. Depending on the tour you pick, you can go on a cruise, go swimming, or walk around the whole beach, which is about 6 miles. You can also rent bicycles and ride through the warm tropical wind at sunrise or sunset.

One activity that tourists enjoy in particular is parasailing. You will be able to see the entire island of Grand Cayman from about 400 feet high. Just make sure that you come when it is not too windy out.

Food and Drinks

The third top reason that you should visit the Seven Mile Beach is because of the array of food you can choose from when you are there. Every year, there is a festival called “the Taste of Cayman Food and Drink Festival,” that is located in Grand Cayman. During preparation this event, the world’s top chefs and culinary influencers gather to plan this festival. Different kinds of foods will be displayed here for visitors to try.

The 2019 Festival was held on April 6th and contained the very best of the Cayman cuisine. There are many different foods you can find at this festival that can make your taste buds tingle –from cocktails to gourmet masterpieces.

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