The Top Six Hotels in Las Tunas

Also known as the “Orient Balcony,” Las Tunas is considered the most Oriental part of Cuba. For this reason, you would want to stay a couple days here to explore all that Las Tunas has to offer. Las Tunas is home to some of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels where you can enjoy a more than comfortable stay. If do not plan to stay in a hotel, you can also rent a vacation rental, which is equally as enjoyable.

Below are the top six hotels in Las Tunas.

1.      Tsafiki Hosteria

Tsafiki Hosteria is a perfect place for adventure and relaxation. The staff is very welcoming and the hotel owner is a great host. The Hot tub and pool area is one of the visitor’s most favorite areas in the hotel. The rooms in the hotel are clean and you can enjoy your very own outside area that has a hammock with a view of the sea, where you can enjoy some peace and quiet as you read your favorite book.

This hotel is like a home away from home, especially when you feel tired from taking an all day tour around Ecuador. They also have a full-service restaurant where you can spoil yourself with all different kinds of options for food.

2.      Viejamar Hotel

Viejamar Hotel is located right in front of a beach, with a beautiful and panoramic view of the clear water. The Hotel is located right next to Machalilla National Park, which could be a start to many memorable adventures. The beach right in front of the Hotel is also a great surfing spot for beginners as well as advanced surfers.

At the Hotel, you can hang out with your family and friends in the pool, organize a barbecue, and many more. The Hotel offers a very relaxing environment and the rooms are very comfortable, peaceful and cozy. Viejamar is one of the top rated by tourists for it’s very good wifi, it’s cleanliness and for it’s very friendly staff.

3.      Azuluna Ecolodge

What makes this hotel special is that it has a business center. It is within close proximities to the seaport, the national park, and the beach. There is free wifi, free parking, a bar/lounge, and even babysitting.

The suites are equipped with air conditioning, family rooms, and daily housekeeping. You can also do your laundry. At Azuluna Ecolodge, you can enjoy a peaceful stay and also eat delicious food. The individual cabins make it more private and intimate for you and your family to safely stay in. There is also a balcony where you can enjoy the ocean view.

4.      Hosteria La Barquita

Hosteria La Barquita is a great get away hotel for either a couple to spend time together or family and friends to come hang out. This hotel is shaped like a pirate ship and there is a restaurant, game room and hammocks inside. In the Hotel, you will get a full view of the beach outside. The beach along this hotel is breathtaking and also full of shells that you can collect. Along this beach, there are also restaurants and bars that you can explore.

The hotel also has a gorgeous pool with a great view for your family to enjoy. There are beach chairs along the coast for you to admire the beautiful sunsets in tranquility. You can also book different kinds of tours directly with the hotel.

5.      Equus Erro

Equus Erro has a lot of charm and character. And not only that, it’s food is excellent and prices are also excellent. The hotel is beautifully decorated and the outside area is very beautiful and well cared for.

The rooms are comfortable and clean and the service is impeccable, since the owner lives there and always makes sure that guests are enjoying their stay. Equus Erro is right on the beach and hammocks are set up for you when you want to hang out there. You can also get massages, go horseback riding and enjoy great food.

6.      El Manglar Cabanas

When staying at El Manglar Cabanas, you will stay in beautiful huts or cabins that are comfortable, safe, and beautiful. Be prepared for a jawdropping experience as you stay there. These bungalows or cabins have wooden furniture inside them, a wardrobe, beautiful rooms and a fan.

This hotel is right in front of the beach and is located about 8 miles from the Puerto Lopez town. There is a private beach area set apart you if you stay in the El Manglar Cabanas. There is also a garden which you can view as you eat at the hotel’s restaurant.

El Manglar Cabanas offer services such as horseback riding, fishing, snorkeling and renting a kayak.

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