The must-sees during a 2-day getaway in Marrakech

Marrakech has become one of the top holiday destinations. The city welcomes both celebrities and travellers, mostly over the weekends. Two days in Marrakech sounds too short to enjoy the Moroccan vibes, though. To live your short trip to its fullest, here are the places you could and must visit!

The main square, Jemaa el Fna

Located at the centre of the town, Jemaa el Fna is where locals and tourists meet. Despite being chaotic, the square oozes with Morrocan vibes. From early in the morning until late at night, there are countless activities that make the place lively. You’ll find entertainers such as musicians, snake charmers, magicians or storytellers. At dinner time, lantern-lit stalls will sell very appealing food. You could taste some while listening to tales!

The souks and their haggles

From all the markets, the souks are one of a kind! You will find everything within the myriad of shops: fashion items, pastries, spices, carpets, decorative articles made of iron, and lamps… The souks are definitely an Ali Baba’s cave! The secret to getting what you want at a reasonable price, and likely 50% cheaper, is simple: know to bargain! Otherwise, a stroll in the endless shops could easily become a nightmare!

The historical palaces

After a day, within the chaos and the noise of the Medina, step out a bit of the area for a bit of history. Start your visit at the Bahia Palace, which is the epitome of 19th-century grandeur. Its 150 rooms and yards are decked with mosaic tiles and beautiful wood carvings. Then, a few minutes walk away from Bahia are the mesmerising ruins of El Badi Palace. Your last stop would be the Saadian Tombs, where over 150 Saadi sultans lie. With the orange trees around, it’s also a good spot to relax!

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