Planning Your Days in Cyprus

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and is located south of the country of Turkey. It is also a major destination for tourists in the Mediterranean. Because it is a tourist attraction, below are many activities you can do to fill your days during your holidays in this beautiful country.

Visit Pafos Zoo

Pafos is the biggest zoo in Cyprus. It is located in an untouched and natural spot in Pafos, which is the capital of Cyprus. Pafos Zoo is one of Cyprus’ leading tourist attractions that is interesting to discover for both children and adults. This zoo is home to diverse bird and animal species like parrots and snakes in particular.

Tour Vouni Panayia Winery

This winery is located in a beautiful mountainous area in Cyprus and is surrounded by beautiful and lush forest. They produce their own wine and give tours to visitors and also offer wine tastings. Visitors can also watch how their wine is produced and have lunch in their restaurant that serves local foods. This winery also sells wine at a very reasonable price and many tourists appreciate this. This would be a great opportunity to get to know Cyprus locals since the winery owners are very friendly and welcoming.

Ride A Horse in Pafos

Eagle Mountain Ranch is a place worth visiting in Cyprus that is located only ten minutes away from the capital city of Cyprus. The ranch is very well organized and clean. They will provide you with leg protectors, helmets and give you rules on what to do and what not to do as you ride the horses. This is suitable for even first time horse riders. This is a very relaxing experience and the guides will not leave you by yourself to make your safety a priority. The landscape that you see while you ride the horses is breathtaking.

Quad Safari

You might know by now that the views in Cyprus are spectacular, which is why you should rent a quad with your loved one and go exploring some more. You can leave the beautiful villa that you rented for a day, and discover off-road tracks in the middle of the mountains with a group of other tourists and guides. You will be given all of the needed equipment for this activity and the guides will provide rules on how to operate the quads while still being safe. You will get to tour the village, some beautiful mountains and enjoy spectacular views.

Ocean Flyer Cruise

This cruise will take about 6 hours and every minute will be worth it because of everything you will get to discover. You will get to sail on the Mediterranean Sea, dive and snorkel in it as well as enjoy a delicious lunch and drinks on board.

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